Christmas Holiday Opening

Christmas Holiday Opening

We have a vet and nurse on call 24 hours a day, 365 days a year for any urgent calls, but if your call is not an emergency our Dorchester and...

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comings and goings

comings and goings

We are very sad to be saying goodbye to one of our nurses, Kerry.  Kerry has been with us for many years but with 2 small children has decided th...

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2014 scout post

2014 scout post

This Christmas Fielding and Cumber Veterinary Surgeons are again supporting this very worthwhile service at our Dorchester surgery. For just 25p per ...

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fielding and cumber Veterinary Surgeons - december 2014

happy christmas from fielding and cumber vetsWell here it is....December, advent calendars and that thing that's happening on the 25th!  Our opening hours over the festive period are in the news section and remember we have a nurse and vet available 24 hours a day 365 days a year if you are unlucky enough to need us over the holiday.

Entering into the Christmas spirirt, Karen (one of our nurses) has put together two fabulous Christmas hampers stuffed with Marks and Spencer festive goodies - they really are great.  To have a chance of winning one all you have to do is fill in your contact information so that we can update our records and you will be entered into the prize draw. Both Dorchester and Weymouth have a hamper so get in touch or drop in to either surgery.

On a more serious note, please remember that dogs and chocolate don't mix and make sure that it's the children NOT the dog that eat the advent calendar.  I know we harp on about this every Easter and Christmas but it is a real risk and every year dogs die from chocolate poisoning.  The high cocoa solid chocolates are particularly dangerous so just keep an eye out when there is chocolate around - lecture over!

This year we are again supporting the Christmas Scout Post at our Dorchester surgery so have a look at the news section for details on this excellent and worthwhile scheme.  Also in the news section are details of some new members of staff who have come to join us - we have 4 people away on maternity leave at the moment so we need all the extra hands we can muster....perhaps it's something in the water!!!!!

Anyway, never mind all that, in the Cumber household we have had our minds on other things, namely Margot!  Margot is our new 8 week old flatcoated retriever pup come to join 8 month old Gru.  They get on really well but Margot is a force to be reckoned with and is already leading Gru astray - not that she needed much encouragement.  Dave has been looking out for things to make our lives easier and their lives more entertaining and has found a couple of really great bits of doggie equipment.  The first is a "Microfibre Doggy Bag".  This a zip up, dog sized "sack" made from microfibre material.  It has a hole for their heads and a velcro collar section.  Designed to be used when they come in muddy and wet it can be used in the car or home - you just zip them in, rub gently (or just leave them in) for a few minutes and they emerge clean and dry.  Its miraculous and loads better than a normal towel.

The other thing he found is a range of soft toys ("Ethical Skinneeez")designed for dogs and cats that are various animal and bird shapes BUT without any stuffing.  I don't know what your pets are like but ours regularly disembowel any cuddly toys they are given which not only creates a massive mess but is a potential obstruction problem if eaten!  One of these toys is even bottle shaped so that you can insert an empty small plastic bottle and your pet gets the satisfaction of that crackly noise they all seem to love.  The toys seem pretty well made and have so far survived Gru and Margot's best efforts to destroy them. Possible Christmas presents???

We have loads going on at the surgery at the moment.  We are especially pleased to launch our new Puppy Packages.  We have developed these to run alongside our pet health club.  They are a great way to make sure your puppy gets the best start you can give them and with 3 levels to choose from they represent great value as well.  Check out the details via the pet health club link.

You may have noticed that we have had no new monthly articles for the past couple of months. This is because Ruth who writes them is having some time off for family reasons. We hope we will be able to restart them soon but in the meantime you can see all the previous very interesting articles in our article archive.  We have re-run last year's Christmas article as it is full of useful tips to keep your pet happy and healthy over the festive period.dave's dogs gru and margot

Pictured are Gru and Margot exhausted after a morning's hole digging in the garden!





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